We specialise in conducting investigations and corporate campaigns as well as securing legal milestones for animals. Additionally, we focus on sharing our knowledge and skills to build a stronger movement.

We facilitate
knowledge exchange

To maximise the impact that our work can have on animal suffering, we make it a priority to make sure that knowledge and experience in one country is made available to those working on similar areas in others. For example, years of experience running corporate campaigns in Denmark and Poland is now being used to boost the corporate work we are doing in Ukraine.

We therefore increase our reach, efficiency and speed with which we can make change happen across the continent. Each country doesn't have to start from scratch and by feeling part of an international, long-standing team, newer staff and volunteers can hit the ground running and campaign with this momentum behind them.

We recognise our shared goal

We know we are part of a much bigger movement — one with a shared purpose to end animal suffering. As part of such an amazing team we foster relationship building, the development of the movement in harder to reach areas and encourage everyone involved to come together to support one another.

All our resources available to others

At Anima International we are truly open source. The campaign materials, leaflets, videos and how-to guides we make internally are made available to any other groups working on the same subjects so they can quickly and easily roll out attention-grabbing campaigns with minimal effort or skill required on their part.