BREAKING NEWS FROM POLAND: The Greens submitted their draft of the fur ban bill to the marshall’s office

A draft ban on fur farming, prepared by the Greens in cooperation with Otwarte Klatki (Open Cages Poland), has just been submitted to the Parliament. This is a great opportunity to end the suffering of millions of foxes and minks every year.

Announcement of the ban

On June 7, during a conference in the Parliament, organized by Małgorzata Tracz, the Greens together with our activists announced the submission of the proposal to the marshal’s office. The conference was also attended by Tomasz Aniśko and Urszula Zielińska from the Greens, Paweł Rawicki and Angelika Kimbort from Open Cages and Malwina Malinowska from Viva!.

This proposal is a unique opportunity to make fur history on 1 January 2027. Furthermore, it is a proposal for a fair social contract that takes into account the interests of the various parties involved in raising animals for fur, as well as ending the suffering of 6 million animals in Poland. It will put an end to the nightmare of thousands of people who live near such farms. But, crucially, it will also give breeders time to re-brand themselves. This is a proposal for a fair transformation of the fur industry

said Małgorzata Tracz, the initiator of the project.

Socially just project

The bill expects a final ban on the breeding of animals for fur from the 1st of January 2027. As of the date the bill enters into force, a ban on building new fur farms would come into force as well.

The draft assumes the creation of a system of compensation for breeders who will have to close down. The system will be based on a degressive method of calculating compensation to encourage faster closures.

Another assumption of the project is that fur farm workers who lose their jobs due to the liquidation of farms will be entitled to a severance payment equal to six months' salary.

The fur industry has been in crisis for many years, with successive countries introducing bans on this cruel practice. At the same time, at the European Union level, Anima International and other organizations have started collecting signatures under the Fur Free Europe initiative. All of this means that there will be no better time to ban fur farming than now.

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