CARE 2021 – a conference for everyone interested in animal advocacy

We are once again organising the annual international conference on animal rights in Europe: CARE. However, the formula this year is different from previous years, as we are moving the entire event online. The COVID-19 outbreak has had a major impact on our lives, but it has not changed CARE’s core principles of effective action for animals and developing the animal rights movement in more countries in the Eastern region.

What is CARE?

Building a strong animal rights movement is a very important part of our international work. Animal suffering knows no borders, so it is important to create and build a movement in those places where animals need the most help.

The CARE Conference was created as a response to this challenge. Launched in 2016 in Warsaw by Otwarte Klatki, the event has been hosted by a different country every year to facilitate the participation of as many people as possible from Central and Eastern Europe, where the animal rights movement is still developing. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 edition was held online – the same will happen this year. We hope that in 2022, we will be able to meet in person!

Why should you take part in CARE 2021?

This year, the agenda has been adapted to the virtual nature of the event. Shorter lectures, more workshops, discussions and panels will facilitate active participation in the event, while networking sessions will allow us to preserve one of the most important aspects of any conference – meeting new and inspiring people.


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This year the conference will focus on these topics:

· Campaigning - covering from plant-based & alternative protein to corporate outreach

· Crisis & strategy

· Fundraising and organisational development

· Organisational and team management

· Building the animal rights movement

· Legislation and lobbying

· Communication, media and marketing

· IT

CARE 2019 in Warsaw

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Here you can exchange experiences, inspire and motivate each other to work. This will give us the capacity to act more effectively and achieve our goals. Participation in the conference is an energy boost for anyone interested in changing the fate of animals – both experienced activists and those just wanting to get involved in activism.

This year, distance or travel and accommodation expenses will not stand in the way of being part of this event. Join us and be part of inspiring and high-quality lectures given by experienced advocates, share knowledge and experiences needed to explore the most effective actions to burning questions within the animal rights movement – all on your computer, accessible from anywhere in the world!

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