Anima International's Estonian branch Nähtamatud Loomad elected as the best NGO of the year

The Estonian NGO Network which helps to build a stronger civil society, has chosen Anima International's Estonian branch Nähtamatud Loomad as the best NGO of the year in Estonia. The award was presented to the organization by the president of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid.

”This is a huge compliment to our work”, comments president of Nähtamatud Loomad Kristina Mering, who founded the organization just 2.5 years ago. ”I could not have imagined getting this level of recognition in such a short time. We are growing very fast and becoming more widely recognized which gives us a better platform to help farmed animals”, added Mering. 

”Within a short period of time, Nähtamatud Loomad has been able to build a sustainable, highly successful and a very visible organization that engages a lot of volunteers”, comments Kai Klandorf, the CEO of Estonian NGO Network. ”Nähtamatud Loomad is strategically flexible being able to show a friendly smile with their Taimne Teisipäev campaign, working forcefully on a ban on fur farming and fighting against keeping hens in cages”, added Klandorf. 

With its short running time, this is not the first award that the organisation has received. Last year the president of Estonia awarded Nähtamatud Loomad's leader Kristina Mering with the volunteer coordinator award of the year. 

With this best NGO recognition, Nähtamatud Loomad also received a 5,000 euro monetary prize to help even more animals.

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