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May 29, 2020

Practical tools for better communication with the media

The current public relations model is very different from what it used to be. The organisation – be it company or an NGO – used to simply provide information on its activities without putting any effort into understanding its public’s needs and interests. Nowadays, the communication has to go both ways and since journalists are one of the most important groups in every communication strategy, it is crucial to understand how to cooperate with them in a way that is beneficial for both sides. The first step to building good relationships with the media is creating a good media list. The talk will cover some practical advice on how to organize the contacts in a way that makes it easy to extract lists for specific press release sendouts and at the same time adjust it to unpredictable changes such as GDPR. The process of writing a press release will also be discussed as a crucial element of communicating with journalists – knowing what it needs to look like and what information needs to be included determines whether a story will be published. The talk will cover both specific instructions on writing a text that will be interesting for a journalist and general ideas for press release topics. Finally, the importance of good media monitoring will be discussed in order to underline the role of measuring the effects of PR work in an organisation as well as getting feedback from the journalists.


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